Keep It Up Australia

Sifting through the ‘education’ news lately, and there seems to be an influx of NAPLAN or Gonksi reform stories. It appears to be nearly impossible to find an education story that isn’t on these two issues. The Sydney Morning Herald however, was my savior: as a scrolled down I saw “Australian unis excel in education and psychology rankings.”

Melbourne University shone in the latest QS World University Rankings, receiving third for its’ education course, seventh for psychology, and among the global top ten for linguistics, medicine, accounting and law.

The article gave a short and sweet run-down of which Australian universities placed in the rankings, and for which courses. Melbourne University’s dean of education also had a few words to say about the high honor:

Melbourne University’s dean of the graduate school of education, Field Rickards, said the ranking was an “endorsement” of the teaching and research carried out by his faculty’s staff.

“This also reflects on our innovative graduate programs, which are attracting very high quality candidates,” he said.

The article gave an insight into Australia’s high quality of education on a global scale, with a sneaky little final sentence which could be an attack at the recent Gonski reforms exclusion of Universities and tertiary students: “governments of all persuasions needed to protect and grow those opportunities.”

Then again, it could just be coincidental…

– Dillyn ✑

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