If you are here, I assume you know my name is Dillyn. I’m also hoping that you know despite my name, I am indeed a female. Boy do those jokes get old.. Ha!

I am not a particular fan of social media, yet here I am. My university degrees require it of me, and considering I plan on being a Journalist in the future and all this internet stuff is now the go, I’m assuming I’ll be stuck here for my entire career.

I am terrifically lazy, although I am also driven, I’m ridiculously laid back. Sometimes a little too much so. Not a lot of things stress me out. I’m not shy, not in the slightest, so what you see is pretty much what you get. I hate snobs, although no one would admit to being one. Vanity isn’t too great either. Uploading 10 selfies a day can say a lot about a person. I love passionate people; people who really care about important things. I guess I’m the same… Maybe that’s what lead me to adopt and sponsor a 3 year old orangutan named Rahayu, who lives in Ketapang, Borneo. I plan on visiting her one day.

I don’t have facebok, instagram, snapchat, tumblr or any thing else like that, although I do have twitter – @dillynlittle (another one required of me).

That’s about all… I’m not all that interesting either.

– Dillyn ☓


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