It’s Only a Pipe Dream, Japan

The newest education scoop I have here for you is an international article. Coming all the way from Japan (from my seat here on my bed in Australia) is an article which was published in The New York Times on the 5th of May.

The article “Scholarships to Encourage More Japanese Students to Study Overseas” explains of a new idea from Japan’s education minister Hakubun Shimomura, in which scholarships would be offered to Japanese students to continue their studies abroad. The plans come from a series of education initiatives in Japan which intend to make the country more internationally competitive.

“The number of Japanese students studying overseas peaked at 82,945 in 2004 and fell to 58,060 in 2010”

The scholarships would not be available until early 2017 however, and will only be given to students enrolled at Japanese Universities who decide to switch their studies to start in the Autumn rather than Spring, which would match other international countries.

The article (mostly good and informative) is also quite annoying. As discovered in the last paragraph “there is no serious discussion taking place” so, I guess the article was more of a pipe-dream than news?

– Dillyn Ұ

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