Finally, Some Education

It seems reading any kind of education news recently has focused solely on the political side of educating , like the funding coming from the Gonski reforms, or the public arguments over the effectiveness of the NAPLAN testing.  It leaves me wondering where the news on the actual quality of education students in our country are receiving is. There’s countless news on policy but hardly any on the actual education of children.

Which is why I was pleased when found this story, which featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The article “More State Schools May Cater for Gifted Students” actually focused on levels of education and what certain states and Governments are doing to cater to individual needs of children. This specific article explains the newest plans to ensure accelerated or gifted children have their needs met so they are able to advance through their studies.

“the education system was failing the state’s brightest children… not meeting the needs of gifted children could lead to them under-achieving either because they were not stimulated or to fit in with peers.

The program, known as SEAL  or Select Entry Accelerated Learning program, is already in place in various schools across Victoria.

“The program is a powerful marketing tool for schools, attracting students who may have otherwise gone to private schools and increasing enrolments overall.”

– Dillyn ✔

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